Sales conditions

General conditions of sale

These general conditions apply between Vassfjellet Vinterpark and the person who themselves or through others makes an order on Vassfjellet Vinterpark’s website, other outlets or with the provider’s associated online partners. The order may be for lift tickets, activities, the purchase of other products and services, or a combination of these.

1. Buyer’s responsibility

You can also register and log in as a user via social login (Facebook and Google). When you register using Facebook or Google, you will be able to log into your account with the email you are registered with on these services. You can change your personal information at any time by logging in to “My page”.

Before making a final order, you must read and familiarise yourself with important information about the product in question. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the purchase is in accordance with their own wishes. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the information in the confirmation (only sent by e-mail) is in accordance with the order.

2. Lift card

Lift passes are personal and must not be loaned out. A recognisable facial image is mandatory when purchasing a season ticket. If a season ticket is lost, a fee of NOK 75 will be charged for a replacement.

You cannot resell your lift pass, this will lead to confiscation. If you use another person’s lift card, this will be revoked/blocked. If personal details and/or photo are incorrectly provided when purchasing a season ticket, this will be revoked/blocked. Personal details on a season ticket cannot be changed after the time of purchase. In the event of a breach of the lift rules, the lift pass can be confiscated.

For family packages: If the customer creates season tickets or for non-family members in the same household, all season tickets in the family package will be revoked for the rest of the season without any form of refund. You cannot add people to a family package after the time of purchase.

Drop-in cards are valid during normal opening hours and are not dated. Season tickets are valid during normal opening hours from the beginning of the winter season to the end of the season. When you buy a lift ticket online, you can buy it with or without a Keycard.

If you buy a lift card with an existing Keycard, the lift card is activated on the first pass in the turnstile lift. If you have bought a new Keycard online, this can be collected from our ticket machines.

3. Execution of order

After a correctly completed online payment, you will receive a receipt by e-mail. The receipt will contain all the details of your purchase and can be taken to the ski resort.

The order has not been completed and is not valid in the following cases:

-The buyer has not received an e-mail with a receipt with confirmation/reference number.

– Card payment is interrupted for various reasons and the payment fails.

– The payment is not completed completely so that the amount is not deducted from the account.

If you are in doubt as to whether the order has been completed correctly, please contact us.

4. Payment

We use a payment solution from Nets AS – Netaxept. Third parties will not gain access to your personal information. Netaxept uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when transferring personal information. SSL creates a secure (encrypted) connection between your machine and Netaxept. In this way, the information can be transmitted safely without unauthorized persons being able to read it along the way.

5. Right of withdrawal

When buying a lift ticket on the internet, there is no right to cancellation or refund, (ref. Right of Cancellation Act chapter §22 letter m). This also applies to packages and campaigns that contain date-stamped lift tickets or date-stamped events. Feel free to contact us.

6. Changes in taxes and fees

If taxes and/or fees change, and thus lead to an increase in costs for the provider after the order has been completed and paid for, the price be increased accordingly for the buyer. The price change must be notified to the customer immediately.

7. Disclaimer

Reservations are made for any publishing or proofreading errors on websites and on other printed information about the offers that the provider conveys.

8. Dispute resolution

The guest is asked to contact the provider if they have any objections to the arranged event. If the guest and provider are unable to negotiate an agreement, any dispute regarding a previously concluded agreement must be resolved in a local court.

9. Force Majeure

No refunds are given on lift tickets in the event of bad weather, fog, snow, ice, technical fault, unforeseen natural events, imposed closure or the like. The customer must assess the weather and road conditions themselves based on their skiing and snowboarding skills.

In the event of injury or illness, a proportionate refund of the card expenses for the time the card cannot be used will be provided on presentation of a doctor’s certificate immediately after the doctor’s visit. Reimbursement in the event of illness or injury will only be given to the person who is ill or injured, and only for the days the lift pass has not been used.

Both parties have the right to withdraw from the agreement if the event cannot be carried out as a result of acts of war, natural disasters or labour market conflicts. Longer interruptions in water or energy supply, fire or other similar major events that neither party could have predicted or influenced.